Increasing in Stature!

In response to the suspense no artichoke updates has brought to the farming world, we offer your next installment! Last week, the time came to transplant our little fanged friends into larger abodes! Upon removing them from the previous pots it could be easily observed that their roots had run out of space to be comfortable.

To be sure they remain healthy and develop the very large root system they will need for the seasons production, each ‘choke is given its own larger pot. If the transplant is done to late the young plants roots will become rootbound (wrapping round and round the edge of the soil inside the pot). If this happens to an artichoke at any point it will become stunted and stressed – resulting in a lack of harvest/production.

This completes the second transplant. As you can see by the slightly wilty leaves, the process does stress them a bit, but they will bounce back with ever bigger teeth before you know it!!!

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