Our Farm

Trail RidingWe are a small barn in Colfax, Indiana. We want to be distinguished by our safe, friendly, and clean atmosphere. We are a family run business and co-exist peacefully with the equines we care for. We believe God created us, our horses, and our clients, therefore every being has value and should receive equal treatment regardless of their background, race, or social status. We hope that everyone that turns down our driveway will find acceptance and God’s peace at our farm. As you scroll down this page we will tell you a little bit about those who reside or work at the farm and what they do.

Stillhaven Farms is situated on 40 acres in Indiana with easy access from I-65 . We have two barns on the property at the moment. The small barn has four 8 X 10 stalls that are perfect for ponies and horses under 15 hands tall. The big barn contains ten stalls and plenty of space. There are hitching rails scattered around the property at convenient places for tying well mannered horses. An outdoor 100′ x 132′ riding area is available for use. We also have a tie station near the arena for convenient grooming and safety.

Jim Stitzel is part owner and manager at Stillhaven Farms. He maintains our website, helps with building projects, and regularly handles the morning feed for the horses. Jim has about nine years of horse experience and a unique talent for calming frightened horses. He enjoys riding his personal mount, Magic, from time to time as he gets a chance, but is usually to be found giving Liz a hand with the farm chores.

Liz Stitzel is also a part owner and manager of Stillhaven Farms. Liz has 16 years of horse experience. She has groomed for Advanced Level Eventer Pam Watts and has an Associates Degree in Equine Science from Ohio University. Liz is not into training fads but rather approaches each horse as an individual. She favors classical methods such as lunging and ground driving work to establish basics before mounting, but also uses natural horsemanship or any other gentle technique when a horse does not respond to classical methods. She believes the keys to training are kindness, patience, and consistency – not a particular technique. Similarly, Liz believes in teaching students horsemanship, not just how to ride. This includes basic knowledge such as how to handle an emergency, equine first aid, nutrition, and equine anatomy. Liz continues her education by seeking out other more advanced horse people and attending clinics regularly. She is the instructor and trainer at Stillhaven Farms and does her fair share of farm chores on the side!

dscn3558.JPGSonny was Liz’s first horse to train and the first horse she ever owned. He is a blood bay 17 year old Quarter Horse gelding and over the last 12 years he and Liz have done everything from trail riding to barrel racing to western pleasure. He is very honest and kind. Sonny also helps Liz teach – he is wonderful with very frightened riders and as a mount for the first few jumping lessons. He can handle any level of rider and excels at teaching children, but Liz tries to save him for herself as much as possible. Sonny is at Stillhaven Farms for life.

TurkTurk is a gray 15 year old fiery Anglo-Arab gelding. He is very gentle from the ground, but has a great deal of spirit under saddle. He is talented, but takes some skill to ride. We mostly use him with intermediate and advanced riders right now. He is very social and usually one of the first horses looking for attention. Turk is also a permanent resident at Stillhaven Farms.

dscn3529.JPGZema is a chestnut 14 year old Haflinger mare that joined our herd in the Fall of 2006. She is very sweet and broke to both drive and ride. Five year olds have ridden and groomed this mare. She enjoys people and being scratched all over! She is a valuable addition to our program as she makes her riders ride correctly, but is never mean or dangerous. She teaches all levels of riders.

dscn3578.JPGSocks came to us winter of ’07 from Indiana Horse Rescue. She had been neglected and has some scars from her old life. She is a sweet older chestnut Quarter Horse type mare. We started out fostering her, but fell in love quickly. Socks works with all levels of riders. She is probably our shyest horse, but loves to be loved on once she gets to know you.

dscn3590.JPGBlaze is a big Tennessee Walker who enjoys attention and always has to know what’s going on! He is a horse of extremes who is always into something and making you yell or laugh – our own personal barn clown!

Magic is a white Mustang mare that Liz acquired at an auction in Shipshewanna early in 2011. She has already proven to be a valuable asset to our lesson program.