For Sale

The following is a list of items and animals we are offering for sale at this time. Most descriptions are basic, but please fill out out contact form to request more information if there is one you are interested in and we are happy to answer any specific questions, send more photos or video, or arrange a time for meet the animal/see the object!

Saanen Dairy Goat – Doe – $150
Unregistered Saanen dairy doe (goat) for sale. Kidded first time this year with no issue, dried out now. About a year and a half to two years old. Not registered but is mostly Sannen. Mother and aunt will milk a gallon a day and she should do the same if milked regularly. Possibly pregnant, was exposed. Not yet trained to the stand.

Three month old 3/4 Saanen/1/4 LeMancha cross doe – $150
Has a bit of growing to do yet, but should also be a gallon a day milker when she matures. Mom is a great milker, dad was a well bred buck from Mortgage Hill bloodlines.

Six week old 3/4 Sannen/1/4 LeMancha cross doe – $150, but may not go to her new home for a few more weeks until weaned
This little girl is out of my best milker and should be a great doe in her own right at maturity! She was not disbudded in her first few days of life, which is why we are offering her for sale (our herd is disbudded) so be aware she will grow horns.

LaMancha Dairy Goat – Doe – $300
Sweet year and a half old doe. May be bred, has been exposed. Has not had a baby yet, so her udder is not yet developed, but her mother and Aunt are both good milkers and well mannered on the stand. She should produce half to one gallon a day, but some does in her bloodlines have topped a gallon a day. Out of Mortgage Hill lines on both sides. Not registered now, but should be able to be registered with ADGA, if desired.

Saanen Dairy Goats – Bucks (2 of these, twin brothers) – $125/each
Unregistered four month old Saanan boys. Mother is a heavy milker at over a gallon a day. Aunt produces more than a gallon a day. Heavy boned and bulky. Purchase for meat on the hoof or for breeding. Not disbudded.

Oberhasli/LaMancha Dairy Goat – Buck – $150
Three month old buck (Black). Mom is my sweetest doe – in someones hip pocket. Mortgage Hill bloodlines and should be able to be registered, if desired.

Oberhasli/LaMancha Dairy Goat – Buck – $150
Three month old buck (Brown). Mom is my sweetest doe – always in someones hip pocket. Mortgage Hill bloodlines and should be able to be registered, if desired.

LaMancha Dairy Goat – Buck – $150
Three months old, This little dude is cute as a button and out of one of my favorite does! Mother (The doe in the photo is not related, he just likes to hang out with her now and then), grandmother, aunt, all great milkers – Great bloodlines and should be able to be registered, if desired.

11 year old Morgan-type mare – $2500 obo
Eventing or jumping pony prospect! Schooling W-T-C and jumping up to 2′, good on trails, well built with lots of potential. Still learning, so should have an intermediate rider or rider working with a trainer. Price will go up with training. Very cute, has loads of potential!

Naturally raised, fresh seasoned goat meat from our own stock. Primarily hay/grass fed, no hormones, processed by This Old Farm. $10-18/lb – Ground and Ground Sausage available now (both $10/lb)! Pick up off farm or by prearranged meeting only (not shippable).