Riding Lessons

Riding LessonsOur lesson program is offered seasonally, during late Spring, Summer, and early Fall, each year. Please contact us if you are interested in lessons. We have an outdoor grooming area and outdoor arena we use for lessons.

Stillhaven Farms offers several different types of lessons and services for students. At this time all students ride in the English style although we offer western lessons to students that have attained a basic riding level in the English Seat first. We also offer driving lessons for those interested.

Regular Lesson types and rates:
Private 45 minute lesson: $35
One hour group lesson (two or more people): $25 per person

For Children 3-6 years old:
We have a lesson program designed just for “the little ones”. These lessons are shorter and conducted mostly on lead line for safety. We concentrate on teaching balance, safety, and basic horse care while having a good time.
$20 per child for an individual 20 minute lesson

Other Services for Students

Students that are 8 years old or older and have passed a basic abilities test on the horse they desire to lease may rent a school horse for $15/hour in order to practice at times other then their scheduled lesson. This must be arranged at least a week in advance to assure that the school horse is available at the desired time.

Some school horses are available for lease to our students. Leased horses may not leave the premises and must be ridden around any scheduled lessons they will be used for. If you wish to show your leased horse you must arrange this in advance and Stillhaven Farms staff must ok the transport of the horse to/from the show at your expense. There are two types of lease:
1 – Partial Lease: $100/month. Includes 2 rides a week (1 weekend and 1 weekday ride) on the horse. A ride may be no longer then an hour.
2 – Full Lease: $250/month. Includes unlimited riding.

Horses Available for Lease

DSC_0029Socks is a 15-hand mare in her upper teens. She is an excellent trail horse with incredible manners. She is a gentle mount for riders of all ages and is available for full or partial lease.

dscn3529.JPGZema is a 14-hand 14-year-old Haflinger mare. She is sweet, gentle, and has been ridden by children as young as 5 as well as adults. She is available for full or partial lease.

IMG_1250Magic is a 15-hand 13-year-old Mustang mare. She is very gentle, but best for teenage and adult riders as she is very strong and needs a rider strong enough to keep her from eating grass on her rides. She is available for full or partial lease.