Liz offers animal photography services when she is not teaching lessons. Right now we only do sittings with dogs and horses. In the future we hope to expand those offerings to include other animals. Sittings can be at a location of your choice, however – if you choose to do the sitting at Stillhaven Farms you must show proof that your animal is vaccinated and healthy before you will be permitted to bring it on the premises. Stallions are not permitted on our premises.

$35 for 1 hour sitting

If Liz is traveling to a location of your choice there will be an additional charge of $0.50 per mile traveled to get to your location and back to Stillhaven Farms.

$2 – 4X6
$5 – 5X8
$10 – 8X10

If you wish to set up a sitting or have other questions please use the contact form below to let us know.