Horse Training

Stillhaven Farms offers quality horse training for a rate of $600 per horse per month. This rate includes board (See Boarding for details). We accept animals of all ages, sizes, and breeds for ground handling, starting under saddle, or finishing work. We train safe trail horses, basic Hunter/Jumpers, and low level Dressage. We also offer training in basic manners and safe handling for young horses that are not yet mature enough to be ridden, and basic driving. As our facilities expand we will also be able to offer more advanced training to driving, eventing, and gaming horses.

Liz Stitzel is the head trainer with 20 years of experience and she believes in a firm, but gentle approach. Every horse is different and therefore the training of each animal can incorporate different methods. Liz is a firm believer in the principle that a good horse on the ground is a good horse under saddle, therefore her training program incorporates extensive groundwork before the horse is ever mounted. We teach the horse to accept and listen to people first then to accept the saddle and bridle (this is done through ground driving and lunge work), and finally to accept the rider. Each horse progresses at a different rate as they are mentally ready for each new step.

We do not accept horses that are habitual kickers, biters, or strikers (this is different than a young horse that may have displayed one of these behaviors once or twice out of ignorance). Because we have young children on our premises we cannot accept the liability these animals create. A horse with these habits is better served at a facility that solely trains horses and has the facilities to ensure no one is injured by accident. If we receive a horse that turns out to have these habits – we will immediately have the owner return for their animal and refund the training fee less a pro-rated board amount (not more then $160/month) for the number of days we had the animal on our premises.

Our training services are very customizable to our clients needs. Hourly training can also be provided on your site for $35/hour +.50/mile for travel to/from. Please email us at if you have questions.