Stillhaven Farms offers boarding services for $200 per animal per month for adult equines. We do not accept horses under the age of two at this time. We have higher rates for Draft horses, but do accept them – please inquire for details. Ponies and minis are boarded at the normal rate as they still require the same amount of work and stall space as a “full size horse.”

Board includes daily hands-on care including turnout (weather permitting), hay, grain, and a stall when needed or requested. In the winter the horses may spend nearly 24/7 in stalls at times if it is below freezing and go out once a day for a few hours to stretch. During the summer many horses stay out 24/7 except during storms or severe daytime heat.

We feed a grass/alfalfa mix hay that we hand select from local farmers. We are careful to buy the best we can find each year and grow as much as we can off our own hayfield. Our hay is dry, mold free, and nutrient rich. Once here, we store it in a barn under cover to ensure it stays as nice as when we bought it. The amount of hay fed depends on the individual horses weight and the time of year (how much pasture time they are getting).

We feed grain based upon the individual animal’s needs. We have several older horses here and we are attentive to their special needs. We provide Purina’s Equine Senior for these animals. The other horses receive a ration of a locally mixed corn-based sweet feed along with their hay.

Horses are fed twice a day: Morning Feed 6-8AM, Evening Feed 7-9PM. In the winter we will sometimes offer a late afternoon snack of hay if it is particularly cold.

Trace Mineral blocks are provided in paddocks, but not stalls. Water is re-filled daily as needed.

Board includes use of riding areas, paddocks, tie areas, and some fields when they are not planted in crops. Board does not include any supplements, but we are happy to feed them free of charge if you provide them.

The following services are available for an extra fee:
– Training ($400 + board as listed above for a total of $600)
– Exercise (lunging ($25/hour) or riding ($35/hour))
– Bandaging – $5.00 per day
– Grooming – $5.00 per grooming