Snowpocalypse 2011

We survived the recent storm that blasted its way through the eastern half of the United States this past week. Of the predicted 14+ inches of snow we were supposed to get, I think we got maybe less than an inch with a bonus four inches of sleet, much of which drifted into (in)convenient piles around the property and promptly froze solid. It’s a little bizarre walking out back from the house to the barns because, while its clear you’re walking on “snow”, its equally clear that you don’t sink in. It’s a very strange sensation, and it didn’t occur to me until yesterday exactly why — it feels very much like walking on concrete. Even one of our draft horses can walk across it and only barely leave footprints. I’m already dreading the melt-off because I suspect that it’s going to turn into a solid sheet of ice before it melts completely away. Right now, we don’t shovel the snow so much as we simply chop at it. God forbid I have to clear a path in a hurry.

Anyone got a very large blowtorch?

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